How to Report a Dog Bite to Your County’s Animal Services Department

After you’ve been bitten by another person’s pet dog, you should seek medical attention immediately.  Remember, dog mouths are full of bacteria, and even a minor bite can develop a nasty infection without prompt intervention.  In addition to seeking treatment — and speaking to a dog bite injury lawyer about getting compensated for your medical expenses — you should also report the bite to your county’s animal services department.  Not only is bite reporting crucial for public safety — it’s also required by law.  This quick reference guide for dog bite victims contains contact information for the animal control departments of every county in Utah.

Contact Information for Animal Control and Sheriff’s Offices in Utah

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Simply find your county, town, or city on the list below to report a dog bite.  Try to supply as much detail as possible when you contact the department, such as the location, time, and date of the attack, as well as a description of the dog that injured you.  The officer you reach will help give you instructions for filling out and submitting a formal bite report.

The phone numbers listed below will connect you to your county’s animal control department or, where specified, the local Sheriff’s Office, which can supply you with information about how and where to report the bite incident.

  • Beaver County — (435) 421-1451
  • Box Elder County (Brigham City) — (435) 723-5227
  • Cache County — (435) 753-7555
  • Carbon County, Sheriff’s Office — (435) 637-0890
  • Daggett County, Sheriff’s Office — (435) 784-3255
  • Davis County — (801) 444–2200
  • Duchesne County — (435) 738-2424
  • Emery County, Sheriff’s Office — (435) 381-2404
  • Garfield County, Sheriff’s Office — (435) 676-2678
  • Grand County (Moab) — (435) 259-8938
  • Iron County (Enoch) — (435) 586-9445
  • Juab County, Sheriff’s Office — (435) 623-1344
  • Kane County, Sheriff’s Office — (435) 644-4916
  • Millard County (Delta) — (435) 864-7984
  • Morgan County — (801) 629-8221
  • Piute County, Sheriff’s Office — (435) 577-2893
  • Rich County, Sheriff’s Office — (435) 793-2285
  • Salt Lake County — (801) 743-7045
  • San Juan County — (435) 587-2237
  • Sanpete County, Sheriff’s Office — (435) 835-2191
  • Sevier County, Sheriff’s Office — (865) 453-4668
  • Summit County — (435) 336-3985
  • Tooele County — (435) 882-5600
  • Uintah County — (435) 789-4222
  • Utah County (Orem) — (801) 229-7070
  • Wasatch County (Heber City) — (435) 654-5727
  • Washington County, Sheriff’s Office — (435) 634-5730
  • Wayne County, Sheriff’s Office — (435) 836-1308
  • Weber County — (801) 399-8244

Contact your local animal control department or Sheriff’s Office as soon as possible, but not before attending to your health.  If you or one of your loved ones ever gets bitten by a dog, the very first thing you should do is seek immediate medical care.  Follow these simple steps while you are waiting to receive medical treatment:

  • Wash the bite wound gently but thoroughly using warm, soapy water.
  • Compress the wound with a dry, sterile towel or cloth.
  • Try to remain calm, and keep the injury site as elevated as possible. This will impede circulation and help reduce bleeding.
  • Do not physically exert yourself, smoke, or drink alcohol while you are injured or bleeding. Your body is already working hard to start repairing the injury, and doesn’t benefit from additional stresses.

Bitten by Someone Else’s Pet Dog? Review Your Injury Claim with an Experienced Attorney

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If you or one of your family members was bitten by another person’s dog in Utah, you may be able to get compensated for your medical bills, pain and suffering, and the income you have lost due to your injury, including costs you are expected to incur in the future.  Utah follows very rigorous laws regarding dog bite liability, and in many cases, pet owners can be held liable for injuries to other people, even if the dog had no prior history of bites, attacks, or vicious behavior.

You can learn more about getting compensated for animal-related injuries in our article on the value of a dog bite claim in Utah.  However, for personalized guidance regarding your case, you should always speak to an experienced dog bite injury attorney.  Every case is impacted by a unique set of factors and details, such as the location, severity, and permanence of the injury.  Only by talking to a Salt Lake City personal injury lawyer can you gain a good understanding of how much your case may be worth.

To set up a free legal consultation, call the law offices of Overson Law at (801) 895-3143 right away.  Your information will be kept confidential.


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