Who Pays After a Car Accident in Utah?

When you are involved in a car accident, you may be worried about the damage and the medical bills. The first thought on many peoples’ mind is how all of these will be paid for, and what hoops you will have to jump through to get insurance or the other driver to cover the costs. Fortunately, many of these situations can be handled by a personal injury lawyer. Salt Lake City car accident injury lawyer Darwin Overson of Overson Law, PLLC may be able to help you with your case. Darwin can work to take the other driver and insurance companies to court to get you compensation. But first, it is important to understand Utah’s rules for car insurance damages.

Who Pays for Utah Car Accidents?

In Utah, the very first person who pays for your injuries and vehicle damage may actually be you. Utah’s car insurance follows a “no-fault” system. Under no-fault insurance rules, the first person to pay for your injuries is your own insurance company. They typically only cover limited damages up to around $3,000. You may also be required to initially pay for your own medical expenses at the hospital, but these bills can be reimbursed later. Talk to an attorney about whether you should pay first or wait for compensation.

Many car accidents are very severe, and the $3,000 from your own insurance company will not cover your needs. When injuries are classified as “severe” by creating long-lasting or permanent effects, you can make claims against the at-fault driver. Since every Utah driver is required to carry car insurance, this often means that their insurance company will pay for the damages.

When making an insurance claim, you may be entitled only to certain damages. In some cases, you may be entitled to higher damages, or more categories of damages, if you take your case to court. When you sue for car accident injuries, you often sue the other driver directly. However, their insurance company is usually still the one that pays – and may even provide them with a lawyer.

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Who Pays in a Car Accident Lawsuit?

When you sue someone for car accident injuries, you sue the driver directly. However, there may be situations where you also sue the owner of the car or the car manufacturer, too. If the driver was on-the-job when they caused your accident, such as a truck driver, delivery driver, or even a garbage truck driver, you may also be able to sue the owner of the vehicle and/or their employer. If the accident was caused by some auto defect, you may also be able to sue the car manufacturer. In the typical accident, though, the only person to blame is the other driver.

Even though the other driver’s name is the only one that appears on the other side of the court case, there are usually others involved. Insurance policies often provide the at-fault driver with an attorney who handles the court case for them. This means that much of the court battle will be against the insurance company, not the at-fault driver. If the driver who injured you did not have insurance, you may be suing them directly, and they will hire their own lawyer.

Courts ultimately order the at-fault parties to pay for damages. If there were multiple cars involved in the accident, fault will be assigned to each driver as some percentage. Each at-fault driver pays their fair share of the damages. Ultimately, their insurance companies may be the ones who provide the money itself, but the court orders the driver to pay you.

Who Pays Car Accident Lawyers?

In the US, each party pays for their own lawyer. However, there are times when attorney’s fees may be awarded as part of an injury case. This often means that the winning side ultimately does not have to pay for their lawyer.

Our lawyers are private attorneys. We do not work for your insurance company, but work directly for you. This means we do not have to listen to outside pressure from insurance companies or billing agencies, and are able to focus only on your needs and damages. Usually, the defendant’s attorney is paid by the insurance company – which means the insurance company may pressure them to give-up on the case and pay you, even if the other driver refuses to settle.

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Many of our cases also work on what is called a “contingency fee” basis. With a contingency fee, we take our payment from a portion of what you win in court. That means that we do not ask for payment up front, and do not get paid unless you get paid. The specifics of this contingency fee system will be explained in a contingency fee agreement. Otherwise, our consultations are completely free, and you have no obligation to use our services or agree to anything unless you choose to.

Salt Lake City Car Accident Lawyers

Salt Lake City personal injury lawyer Darwin Overson represents injured car accident victims in Salt Lake City and throughout Utah. For a free, confidential, no obligations consultation with our lawyer, call Darwin and Overson today at (801) 895-3143.


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