When Should I Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer in Utah?

If you’ve been injured, you may be wondering whether you should hire a personal injury attorney or not.  You probably have a lot of questions you’re asking yourself:  Is it worth hiring a lawyer?  Will hiring a lawyer help?  What does an attorney do?  Do I need a lawyer, or will insurance handle things? 

Hopefully, this guide will help you make a decisionExperienced Utah personal injury attorney Darwin Overson explains the answers to some of these questions: 

Do I Need a Lawyer, or Will Insurance Cover It?

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Insurance is tricky.  So much of what insurance companies do is take money to cover you when you later need it – but so often, they won’t pay when you need it.  Insurance usually has limited payouts, and only applies to things in its specific area.  For instance, no matter how much you pay for car insurance, it will never help cover you for a slip and fall. 

If you are involved in a car or truck accident and have insurance, it might be enough to cover your injuries.  Otherwise, the insurance of the party who injured you might be enough.  For instance, as part of Utah’s “no-fault” car insurance system, you must first go to your own insurance to get money for your injuries.  If they are more severe than the $3,000 minimum coverage, you can seek payments from the other driver’s insurance, and that might be enough.  Similarly, homeowner’s insurance or a business’ liability insurance might cover injuries you receive on their property. 

Sometimes, though, there is no insurance for an injury.  People can get hurt in thousands of different ways, and not everything has insurance.  Even if there is insurance, because of the way you were injured, or because of the bad actions or negligence of the people responsible, their insurance might refuse to cover your injuries. 

In those situations, you have no way to get compensation except to hire an attorney and sue. 

Sometimes Injuries Are Too Severe

Insurance companies are a business, and they work by limiting how much they are willing to pay to cover injuries.  That means they often offer low payouts and limit what types of damages are covered by the policy. 

If you are suffering from severe injuries, you may be “too expensive” for an insurance company to fix.  Usually, insurance companies can cover hospital bills (or even funeral expenses should someone die in an accident), but they may stop there.  That leaves so many injuries that you are suffering unaddressed. 

If you are injured and cannot work, you might be losing wages.  If you are enduring severe pain and mental suffering, insurance might not pay to compensate you for that.  If you hire a lawyer and take the responsible parties to court, those damages would be available.  Any money you have to pay out, as long as it is caused by your injuries in an accident, can be paid for by the responsible parties. 

If their insurance won’t pay for something, you might need to hire a lawyer to get what you need.  Even if they will pay for it, navigating the insurance system might be too complicated, but an attorney can get you through that process with their skill and experience. 

How Can Hiring a Salt Lake City Attorney Help?

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When it comes to injuries and insurance, so much of the language and topics can be confusing to someone who does not work with the law or insurance on a regular basis.  For those people, the entire system can seem like a brick wall that you have no way around.  Hiring a lawyer means you have someone who understands what’s happening to help you find the cracks in that wall. 

Even when the process is covered by insurance, they might make low settlement offers or give you confusing documents that you do not understand.  A lawyer can help protect you from that system. 

If insurance will not cover injuries, your only way to get compensation might be to take the responsible parties to court.  That means filing a lawsuit, filing briefs and paperwork with the court, and ultimately may require standing in open court to argue your case.  Why do that yourself when you can hire an attorney who does that kind of work day in and day out? 

Additionally, so many attorneys work on a “contingency fee” basis, which means they do not get paid until you recover money.  With that, there is really no risk that you will waste your money. 

If you have been injured in Utah and you don’t know whether to hire a lawyer or not, try talking to us about it.  Overson and Sheen, LLC offers free consultations with our experienced Salt Lake City personal injury lawyers.  On top of that, if you want us on your case, we don’t get paid a dime until you get paid.  For a free, no obligations consultation, call us today at (801) 618-3580.


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