How Do I Hire A Lawyer in Utah?

If you are considering suing someone for injury based on an accident, suing your doctor for medical malpractice, or suing a company for a dangerous product, you may be wondering what the process of hiring an attorney looks like.  Don’t be intimidated – hiring a Salt Lake City medical malpractice lawyer works the same as hiring anyone else to do a job.

If you have found this page, then you have already done half the work: you found a lawyer to consider.  If you are still concerned about how the process work, keep reading.  Most of the examples here will be based on how our firm – Overson Law, PLLC – does things.  Other attorneys might do things differently, but this is how our system works for new clients:

How Do I Talk to a Lawyer About My Case?

Especially today, with everything on the internet, finding and getting in touch with a lawyer is easier than ever.  If you have found this webpage, then you can see that we have a phone number at the top that you can call, plus we have forms on our website to send us an e-mail about your case any time of day.

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If you want to call to talk to us about your case, you can use the number at the top of the page, (801) 895-3143.  If you would prefer, use the Contact Us form on any page to send us an e-mail about your case, and we will get back to you.

Just because you get in touch with an attorney does not mean you are stuck with them.  Our consultations, at least, are completely free and have no obligations.

What Happens at a Consultation?

A consultation is a chance to talk to an attorney about your case.  Just because you talk to them does not mean you need to hire them.  The entire point of a consultation is to give you a chance to learn what your options are and get a chance to see whether you think the attorney is a good fit for you.

At a consultation, a lawyer will take general information about your case, discuss your options, and explain how things could go from there – should you choose to hire them.  That will involve talking about general dates and times that events occurred, what injuries you may have sustained in an accident, and what parties were responsible for your injuries.  This will help the attorney get the general picture of your case so they can talk to you about where to go next.

Anything you say during a consultation with an attorney is completely confidential.  Even though you may not have hired them yet, they still have an obligation to keep what you say confidential as if they were already your attorney.

How Do I Pay for A Salt Lake City Personal Injury Attorney?

A lawyer should not open with talking about fees or how much they are going to charge you.  The important thing is that you feel comfortable talking to your future attorney and understand what they can do to help you.  After that, a consultation usually comes around to a discussion about fees.

If you hire a firm like ours, you can feel comfortable knowing that you do not need to pay anything upfront for our services, let alone our consultation.  Our consultation is free, but after that, our services continue to cost you absolutely nothing until we win your case.

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Many personal injury lawyers work on a system like this, called a “contingency fee.”  That means we only get paid from your winnings.  If we fail you, we do not get paid – and you will never have to pay us more than you win from your case.

The cost of hiring an attorney is usually one of the things that scare people out of getting an attorney.  They are afraid that it will cost too much to hire a lawyer, then they risk losing their case and wasting all that money.  No matter what, on a system like the one we use, you can afford representation since you only pay if you win.

What Does a Lawyer Do?

After you hire a lawyer, they become your agent.  That means they work for you and represent you to get your case heard and won.  While they are responsible for the strategy and inner-workings of the case, you get the last say on whether or not to accept a settlement or take a case to court.

If this all sounds like something you can handle, you could start hiring a Salt Lake City attorney right now.  If you want to set up a consultation with Darwin Overson of Overson Law, PLLC, you can call at (801) 895-3143 or use the form below to set up a consultation today.  Darwin Overson has over thirty years of experience representing personal injury clients – and getting real results. Find out what compensation you can receive if were hit by a car or experiencing a medical malpractice case.


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