How to Get a Copy of a Car Accident Report from the Utah Highway Patrol

When you are involved in a car crash in Utah, or any other state, you should always report it to the police – especially if there is injury.  While you might not walk away from the crash with injuries, and the police might not give any tickets, it is still often important for your records and your insurance company that you have documentation about the crash.

That could mean you need to get the report of your accident from the police yourself.  If you are in a crash on the highway, or in any town patrolled by the Utah Highway Patrol, you will need to get the accident report from them instead of your local police.  This guide will show you how you can do that.

Have Your Information Ready

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In order to get your report from the highway patrol, you are going to need information about your crash so that they can look it up.  That means you need:

  • your name,
  • the date of the accident,
  • and your driver license number.

Your driver license number is the number on the top left of your driver license, right above your date of birth on the new 2016 driver licenses.  If you still have a license from before 2016, the number is still on the top left, right above your last name.

To get your accident report, you will also need the “case number.”  This is a five-digit number that is assigned to every case when paperwork is filed.  Make sure you get the case number from the officer at the scene of the accident.  That will help you get your case report quickly and easily.

Accident Reports Can Be Requested Online

If you want to get your case report online, all you need is the four pieces of information listed above, and a credit card.  The Utah government website has a form to request your accident report online, which can be filled out in only a few minutes.  If you follow that link, the page should look like this:

After entering your information, you will be directed to a few more screens where you can verify that you are looking at the correct accident report.

In order to actually download your copy of the report, you will need to pay on the website.  If you are uncomfortable paying online, you can order your report by phone (as discussed below).  Once you purchase a report, you can check it again online for up to 10 days.  If you want it available beyond that, print it out and keep it with your other records from the accident.

Accident Reports Can Be Requested Over the Phone

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If you are uncomfortable requesting your report online, or you run into any trouble entering your info or paying, you can contact the Utah Highway Patrol over the phone to request your report.  To do this, you will have to know the county in which your accident took place.  From there, you can look up the contact information by clicking the name of the county on this list.  That will redirect you to the address and phone number for the Highway Patrol offices in that county.

If you have any problems figuring out which county to contact, or you need more help with making a request, you can always contact the administration office at the Utah Highway Patrol Headquarters in Salt Lake City.  Their phone number is (801) 965-4518.

Additional Requests

If you want to request additional information about the accident, such as pictures taken by the highway patrol, you can contact the Utah Highway Patrol Headquarters.  Their phone number is (801) 965-4518, and you can get information about the cost of photos and place an order by calling them.  Make sure to have all of the information about your accident and a credit card ready.

Why Do I Need to Get The Report Myself?

The good news is, you might not actually need to get the accident report yourself.  If you are asked to get records by your lawyer or insurance company, this guide can show you how to do it.  In most cases, though, your insurance company or your lawyer can request accident reports on your behalf.

Utah considers accident reports “protected records.”  That means that only someone with a good connection to the accident can get the records.  Anyone involved in the accident or harmed by the accident, or any of their agents are allowed to get the records.  That includes parents and guardians, attorneys, insurance companies, private investigators, or anyone with permission from those involved.  Additionally, police may access the accident report.

Turn to a Skilled Utah Car Accident Lawyer for Help with Your Case

If you have been in an accident, you do not need to deal with it alone.  A personal injury attorney can help you get access to your accident report and bring a case against the person responsible for the accident.  Where insurance companies fail to take care of you, an experienced Salt Lake personal injury attorney like those at Overson Law, PLLC will not.  For a free consultation with our attorneys, call (801) 895-3143.


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