Do You Need a Lawyer After a Car Accident in Utah?

Not every car accident is serious enough to require an attorney.  If you had a minor accident which did not result in any injuries or cause extensive property damage, it is probably unnecessary to hire a lawyer.  However, you should strongly consider seeking legal assistance if you or other vehicle occupants were seriously injured, if there are any disputes over fault and liability, or if you suspect that the insurance company is using illegal tactics or hollow excuses to deny your claim (which is known as “bad faith” insurance).  While the decision is ultimately up to you, there can be powerful advantages to approaching a Utah injury claim with help from an experienced Salt Lake City car accident lawyer.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Lawyer Handle Your Car Accident Claim?

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No law prohibits you from handling your own accident claim.  However, there are at least three good reasons to think about getting legal representation to assist you.  A Utah personal injury attorney can improve your odds of getting compensated by:

  • Collecting evidence. When you are represented by attorney Darwin Overson, our firm will put its full resources into building a comprehensive strategy on your behalf.  We believe in taking an aggressive approach to every claim we handle.  We will work to track down expert witnesses, dig up medical records, and get a lab analysis of crash site wreckage.  Without an attorney, much of this evidence could be very difficult to present effectively, or even obtain in the first place.
  • Protecting your rights. Claims adjusters may act friendly and sympathetic, but don’t be lulled into a false sense of security.  At the end of the day, the insurance company wants to pay as little as possible – no matter how badly you were injured.  While some insurers hold themselves to very high ethical standards, others try to take advantage of accident victims by avoiding phone calls, bringing in questionable “experts,” and using other tactics designed to deny valid claims.  If you think this is happening to you, you should contact a Utah bad faith insurance attorney right away.  Do not accept a settlement offer until you review it with an attorney first.
  • Providing clarity and convenience. Insurance policies, court rules, and personal injury statutes are all packed with dense, jargonistic language that can make interpreting your own rights and responsibilities a nightmarish task – especially when you are tired and in pain.  But all you need to worry about is resting.  Your attorney will make sure you are crystal clear on the terms of your insurance policy and any other information relevant to your case.  Your attorney will also take care of explaining and filing the legal forms you need, so that you don’t have to worry about missing a deadline or forgetting any paperwork.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Personal Injury Attorney in Utah?

A car accident can rack up huge expenses.  There are the medical bills, the prescription medications, the days missed from work, the last-minute babysitters, the transportation costs – and that’s not even the full list.  It’s no surprise that, faced with such a litany of expenses, car accident victims often hesitate to think about adding to the list by hiring an attorney.

If you wanted to hire a lawyer to represent you, but were worried about how much the legal fees would cost, we’re pleased to deliver some good news: at Overson Law, we work on a contingency fee basis.  What does that mean for you?  Put simply, you don’t pay any fees unless we recover compensation for you.  Even your legal consultation is free of charge.  If you don’t get paid, we don’t either.

Trust a Utah Personal Injury Attorney

We know that when you’re suffering from a serious injury, all you want to do is rest and recover – not travel out to see an auto accident lawyer.  We want the process to be as easy and convenient as possible for you, which is why we will come out to your location.  Attorney Darwin Overson handles claims in Wasatch County, Salt Lake County, Davis County, Summit County, Weber County, Morgan County, and other counties throughout the state of Utah.  He is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to fight for the compensation you and your loved ones deserve.

To set up a free consultation with Darwin Overson, call the law offices of Overson Law at (801) 895-3143.  Darwin will help you understand the legal options that may be available to your family.


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