What Day of the Week Has the Most Motorcycle Accidents in Utah?

It may sound far-fetched, but a decision as simple as what day of the week you ride your motorcycle has a statistical impact on your likelihood of getting into an accident.  And not only is the day of week influential — so is the month of the year, as Salt Lake motorcycle accident lawyer Darwin Overson explores here.

Statistics Show Summer Months Have Most Utah Motorcycle Crash Injuries

Riding Motorcycle - What Day of the Week Has the Most Motorcycle Accidents in Utah?

The Utah Department of Public Safety (DPS) publishes detailed annual records of motorcycle accidents throughout the state.  In addition to tracking how many accidents happen, the DPS also monitors where and when those crashes take place.  The data gives us some insight into the circumstances surrounding auto accidents in Utah.

According to the 2014 report, the most recent version available as of June 2016, there were 1,179 motorcycle accidents in Utah that year, 110 more than the 1,069 recorded in 2013.  A small number were property damage only, but most resulted in deaths or injuries, a subject we wrote about in our article on the top causes of Utah motorcycle accidents.  A large number of injuries involved victims’ feet, ankles, and legs, a topic we covered in our article on the most common injuries caused by motorcycle crashes.

Crashes with other vehicles can cause wrongful death or disabling injuries, such as traumatic brain injuries, no matter when or where they occur.  However, they seem more likely to happen at certain times than others.  Here’s how the months of the year ranked in 2015 according to DPS figures, counting down to the month with the highest number of injury crashes:

  1. January — 12 injured motorcyclists (a rate of 0.4 injuries per day)
  2. February — 20 (0.7 per day)
  3. December — 22 (0.7 per day)
  4. November — 24 (0.8 per day)
  5. March — 50 (1.6 per day)
  6. April — 86 (2.9 per day)
  7. October — 100 (3.2 per day)
  8. September — 114 (3.8 per day)
  9. August — 131 (4.2 per day)
  10. May — 151 (4.9 per day)
  11. June — 158 (5.3 per day)
  12. July — 175 (5.6 per day)

The gap between the months with the highest and lowest numbers of injuries — July and January, respectively — is huge.  There were nearly 163 more injuries during July, which is an average of about five more injuries per day during July than during January.

This pattern isn’t random, either.  It looked nearly the same in 2014, when December, January, and February again had the lowest injury numbers.  The simple explanation is that fewer riders are willing to brave the cold winter temperatures and messy roads during these harsh months.  (You can even see the dramatic increase in crashes from 20 in February to 50 in March, when the first hints of spring start attracting more people onto roads that may still be icy.)  The same seems true of other drivers, too, even if they aren’t exposed to chilly winter winds inside their enclosed vehicles.  Auto accidents of all types — not just motorcycle accidents — decrease overall during the winter months, even with the temporary crash spikes associated with holiday travel.

What’s the Most Dangerous Day of the Week for Riding a Motorcycle? 

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Like months of the year, certain days of the week were also more dangerous than others.  Here’s how the DPS ranked days of the week for motorcycle injuries in Utah in 2014:

  1. Sunday — 107 motorcyclists injured, including passengers (10.3% of injuries)
  2. Tuesday — 126 (12.1%)
  3. Monday — 136 (13%)
  4. Wednesday — 142 (13.6%)
  5. Thursday — 155 (14.9%)
  6. Friday — 170 (16.3%)
  7. Saturday — 207 (19.8%)

In other words, the week gets increasingly dangerous as it goes along, with the exception of Monday and Tuesday, whose positions are switched.  Accidents peak on Saturday, when more people are out shopping, traveling, and drinking — and more likely to drive while intoxicated after coming home from bars and parties.  There are nearly twice as many motorcycling injuries on Saturdays than on Sundays, with a 100-injury difference between these two days.

Contact Our Salt Lake City Accident Lawyers if You Were Injured While Motorcycling

Statistics prove that you’re more likely to be injured on a motorcycle during certain months or days — but unfortunately, even during the “safest” times, there’s nothing motorcyclists can do to prevent other drivers from making careless mistakes.  However, if you were injured in a crash that was caused by another driver’s negligence, you may be able to recover compensation for your lost earnings, pain and suffering, and medical bills.  Aggressive legal representation by an experienced Utah car crash injury lawyer improves your odds of getting compensated fairly for your accident.

To talk about whether you might have a motorcycle injury claim, call Utah motorcycle accident attorney Darwin Overson at (801) 895-3143 for a free legal consultation.  While based in Salt Lake City, Darwin represents crash victims throughout the state of Utah.


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