Can You Sue Concert Venues for Injuries in Utah?

Concert venues often have just as much going on off stage as they do on stage. With hundreds or thousands of people often packed tightly in energized atmospheres, concerts are often a powder keg of potential injuries. If you are hurt at a concert, do you have the right to sue the concert venue? Salt Lake City premises injury lawyer Darwin Overson explains some ways the venue and other parties may be responsible for your injuries, and how you can take them to court.

Suing Concert Venues for Dangerous Premises

If you are injured at a concert because of something dangerous on the property, you may be able to sue the concert venue for your injuries. It is up to a property owner to keep their premises safe for guests and customers. This means that it is the venue owner’s duty to keep stairways safe, well-lit, and clear of debris. It is also their responsibility to ensure that railings and balconies are safe, and to prevent slip and fall injuries.

Specifically, it is the venue owner or manager’s responsibility to ensure that guests and business invitees are reasonably safe from hidden dangers on the premises. This means that any of the following accidents may be the venue owner’s responsibility:

  • Falls down an unlit stairwell,
  • Balcony collapse injuries,
  • Falling lighting or sound equipment,
  • Falls from a collapsing hand rail or guard rail, or
  • Injury from non-functioning fire escapes or emergency exits.

Other similar flaws with the physical safety of the place where the concert takes place may also be the property owner’s fault. However, the duty to repair or make the property safe only extends to reasonable safety precautions. It is impossible to make a piece of property absolutely safe – but reasonable repairs or warnings of open dangers may block a lawsuit.

Suing for Lack of Safety at a Concert

When you go to a concert, sporting event, or any other event with crowds of people, you expose yourself to some risks. The chance of someone bumping into you and knocking you down, or maybe even the risk of someone elbowing you in a mosh pit may be part of the expected risks in some concerts. If you sue a concert venue for injuries sustained at the concert, they may use the defense that you assumed the risks. This “assumption of risk” doctrine may actually defend them against some lawsuits.

hurt at a concert lawsuits - Can You Sue Concert Venues for Injuries in Utah?

However, it is still the concert venue’s responsibility to keep its guests and performers safe. If they fail to provide reasonable levels of safety, you may be able to sue them for their failures. The following, under some circumstances, may be enough proof to sue the concert venue and their security staff for your injuries:

  • Injuries from an unruly concert-goer that security failed to kick-out,
  • Injuries from a shooting or other attack if security failed to adequately search guests, or
  • Injuries from a failure to properly secure or direct large crowds.

In some cases, things may be more complicated based on who hired the security. In some venues, security personnel are the venue’s staff members. In that case, the venue owners would be responsible for their employees’ conduct. They could also be liable in their own right for failing to set-up adequate safety measures (e.g. metal detectors, crowd control barriers) or for failing to adequately train their security staff.

Alternatively, some performers bring their own security. This staff may be limited to securing the stage and backstage, or could cover the entire premises. If the performer and their staff were responsible for venue security, you may be able to sue them instead of the venue owner.

Compensation for Injuries at a Concert in Salt Lake City

If you are injured at a concert, you may be able to have all the results of your injuries compensated. This means recovering money for your medical transportation, treatment, and recovery from serious injuries, as well as receiving compensation for lost wages if you missed work. You can also seek compensation to repay you for your pain and suffering.

In many cases, concert venues carry liability insurance in case people are injured on their property. This does not excuse them from taking responsibility for your injuries, and you usually still sue the concert venue in court. However, it may mean that their insurance company ultimately pays you for your injuries. This often means they have enough funds through their insurance to cover your injuries. Our lawyers work to get you compensation from these funds or the venue’s own funds to cover your injuries.

Salt Lake City Premises Liability Lawyer

If you or a loved one was injured at a concert venue, you may be able to hold the venue’s security or management responsible for the injuries. Talk to an attorney today about filing a personal injury lawsuit. Salt Lake City personal injury lawyer Darwin Overson offers free consultations on new cases. For your free consultation, contact our law offices today at (801) 895-3143.


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