5 Auto Accidents in Box Elder County in 3 Hours, Semi-Trailer Rollover Spills Watermelons

With close to 50,000 residents, Box Elder County is one of Utah’s most populous areas.  Nonetheless, five crashes in a single day is atypical.  What occurred on July 6 to cause so many car accidents in Box Elder County?

Utah Troopers Respond to 5 Car Crashes, Truck Accidents on I-15, SR-30

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July 6, 2016 was an unusually hectic day in Box Elder County for the Utah Highway Patrol.

According to UHP Lt. Lee Perry, the first crash took place around 3:00 P.M. on Interstate 15, which runs north to south along the county’s eastern fringe, carrying drivers through Tremonton, Honeyville, Brigham City, and Perry.  The accident occurred when a southbound minivan’s cargo came loose and spilled onto the road surface, causing a four-car pileup as motorists tried to swerve around the falling objects.  Despite the chaotic pileup, no one was injured or killed.

The following two crashes, which happened in quick succession less than half an hour after the four-vehicle pileup, had less fortunate endings.  Also occurring on Interstate 15, the second and third accidents, which involved three vehicles each, injured two people seriously enough to require medical care at the Brigham City Community Hospital.

Just minutes later, a fourth crash was reported.  In this instance, a semi-truck had a rollover truck accident near Grouse Creek and Etna on State Route 30.  The truck driver was taken to Bear River Valley Hospital in Tremonton for treatment of minor injuries.  Meanwhile, a portion of Route 30 was closed for about six hours as cleanup crews worked to clear the road of watermelons that had spilled from the semi when it overturned.

The fifth and final accident occurred less than three hours after the first, around 5:40 P.M.  Like most of the others, the fifth crash also occurred on Interstate 15.  The crash was caused by speeding, as a southbound vehicle unsuccessfully attempted to slow down while entering dense traffic.  The speeding vehicle set a chain reaction accident in motion, snaring three vehicles and a semi-truck in the chaos.  Two victims were injured and required hospitalization as a result of the accident.

Box Elder County, Utah Auto Accident Statistics

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The Utah Department of Public Safety (DPS) maintains annual records of auto accidents throughout Utah.  These records are broken down by factors like location of the crash, type of vehicle, and age of the victim.  By examining the most recent available DPS statistics, it’s possible to get an idea of the frequency, outcome, and causes of crashes in Box Elder County.

In 2014, Box Elder County reported a total of 1,017 vehicular accidents, including:

  • 715 crashes, involving 1,913 people, with property damage only and no resulting deaths or injuries.
  • 290 injury crashes, resulting in 449 injuries.
  • 12 fatal crashes, resulting in 13 deaths. That’s nearly 5% of all traffic fatalities reported statewide in 2014, meaning about one in 20 accident fatalities occurred in Box Elder County.

The data also reveals that:

  • Box Elder County is one of only seven counties in Utah to have more than 100 traffic fatalities (120) over the past decade.
  • Just over 14% of the crashes in Box Elder County involved animals (144 out of 1,017).
  • Nearly 20% of the accidents involved drivers from out-of-state.
  • Only 62 out of 2,057 people were not wearing a seatbelt when the crash occurred.
  • Speed was a factor in 26.5% of accidents in Box Elder County (270 out of 1,017). 90 injury crashes were caused by speeding, while speed was a factor in three fatal crashes.
  • Alcohol was a factor in 17 injury accidents and one fatal accident in Box Elder County in 2014.
  • Drug use was a factor in five injury crashes and three fatal accidents. DUI and alcohol use are more common in nonfatal injury crashes, but drug use is more prevalent as a contributing factor to deadly accidents.
  • Driver distraction was a factor in 15.2% of injury crashes (44 out of 290) and 16.7% of fatal crashes (two out of 12). Overall, distracted driving caused or contributed to more than 10% of Box Elder County crashes in 2014 (104 out of 1,017).
  • A total of 209 crashes occurred in Brigham City, the county seat.

Get Legal Help from an Experienced Utah Car Crash Lawyer

Five crashes in three hours is unusual for Box Elder County, but it goes to show how hazardous the local roads can be when drivers speed, engage in reckless driving in Utah, or make other driving errors.

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