20 of the Most Dangerous Roads and Highways in Utah

Every state has its share of dangerous roads and highways.  Unfortunately, Utah is no exception. Salt Lake City car crash lawyer Darwin Overson counts down 20 of the deadliest, most dangerous streets and stretches of freeway for auto accidents in Utah.

Utah Auto Accident Fatalities Increase 3 Years in a Row

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According to the Department of Transportation, more than 2.1 million registered vehicles drive across Utah’s 46,000 miles of public road.  Utahans spend more time driving than their fellow Americans, traveling an average of 43.6 miles per day compared to 36.1 daily miles for the average U.S. driver.  They also take more daily trips than the average American, mostly to see family members or go to social gatherings.

With Utah drivers spending so much time behind the wheel, there are plentiful opportunities for disaster – and the problem seems to be getting worse with time.  Car accident fatalities in Utah have increased three years in a row, a trend last seen nearly two decades ago.  According to the Utah Department of Public Safety, there were 217 traffic fatalities in 2012, 220 in 2013, 256 in 2014, and 278 in 2015.

Non-fatal crash injuries also increased over the same time period, climbing from 22,336 in 2012 to 22,740 in 2013, reaching 23,364 in 2014, and finally, the 25,350 injuries that were reported last year. Overall, that’s an increase of 61 deaths and 3,014 injuries.

Though serious car accidents, truck accidents, or motorcycle accidents can occur anywhere, the risk of being killed or injured in a crash is especially high on certain streets and highways.  Does your commute take you down any of these 20 dangerous Utah roads?

UDOT Ranks the 20< Most Dangerous Roads and Highway Sections for Utah Car Crashes

The following lists are based on data spanning 2013 to 2015, provided to the Salt Lake Tribune by the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) earlier this year.  UDOT separately rated freeways and non-freeways, each based on two metrics: the total number of crashes, and the total number of severe crashes.  You can see both on the lists below.

Utah’s Top 10 Most Dangerous Stretches of Freeway

Every single crash on the list below occurred on I-15 (Veterans Memorial Highway), which passes from Nevada into St. George, running northward toward Logan before continuing into Idaho.  The real question is, which parts of I-15 are most hazardous for Utah motorists?

  1. I-15 Northbound: 8000 South to 7200 South
    Total Crashes – 445
    Severe Crashes – 3
  2. I-15 Northbound: 9400 South to 8700 South
    Total Crashes – 424
    Severe Crashes – 3
  3. I-15 Northbound: 11000 South to 10200 South
    Total Crashes – 290
    Severe Crashes – 3
  4. I-15 Northbound: 3600 South to 2900 South
    Total Crashes – 277
    Severe Crashes – 2
  5. I-15 Northbound: 8700 South to 8000 South
    Total Crashes – 275
    Severe Crashes – 4
  6. I-15 Northbound: 2900 South to 2200 South
    Total Crashes – 236
    Severe Crashes – 1
  7. I-15 Northbound: 900 South to 300 South
    Total Crashes – 232
    Severe Crashes – 3
  8. I-15 Southbound: 2900 South to 3600 South
    Total Crashes – 211
    Severe Crashes – 1
  9. I-15 Southbound: 4800 South to 5600 South
    Total Crashes – 194
    Severe Crashes – 1
  10. I-15 Southbound: 5600 South to I-215
    Total Crashes – 194
    Severe Crashes – 0

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Utah’s Top 10 Most Dangerous Roads (Non-Freeway)

High-speed freeways aren’t the only dangerous places to drive.  Quiet local roads can be deadly for drivers, too – especially Logan’s Main Street.

  1. Main Street in Logan: 1000 North to 1800 North
    Total Crashes – 238
    Severe Crashes – 4
  2. 9000 South: Jordan River Bridge to Monroe Street
    Total Crashes – 213
    Severe Crashes – 5
  3. Redwood Road: 6400 South to 5600 South
    Total Crashes – 204
    Severe Crashes – 4
  4. Main Street in Logan: 300 North to 1000 North
    Total Crashes – 200
    Severe Crashes – 1
  5. 3500 South: 4400 West to 3600 West
    Total Crashes – 184
    Severe Crashes – 4
  6. Redwood Road: 7300 South to 6400 South
    Total Crashes – 167
    Severe Crashes – 11
  7. 3500 South: 2700 West to Redwood Road
    Total Crashes – 162
    Severe Crashes – 1
  8. Main Street in Logan: 500 South to 300 North
    Total Crashes – 154
    Severe Crashes – 0
  9. Redwood Road: 4400 South to 3700 South
    Total Crashes – 149
    Severe Crashes – 3
  10. Redwood Road: 8000 South to 7300 South
    Total Crashes – 148
    Severe Crashes – 4

Be especially careful next time you’re driving down any of these hazardous Utah roads.  Accidents are common – sometimes, with tragic results.

Contact an Experienced Utah I-15 Car Accident Attorney

If you or a loved one was hurt in a car accident on Redwood Road, Logan’s Main Street, I-15, or any other road in Utah, you should speak to an experienced auto accident lawyer, like Darwin Overson of Overson Law.  You may be able to obtain financial compensation for your accident, including compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, income losses, and other damages.  Equipped with more than 33 years of experience representing auto accident victims in Utah, Darwin Overson is ready to fight hard to pursue compensation while protecting your rights.

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